Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crepes Paulette

Today I took my Mom to my new favorite local eatery----Crepes Paulette.
It's not new. It's just new to me. How have I gone so long without eating here? I'm in love with this place. I don't feel like I'm in Northwest Arkansas when I eat here. It feels like I'm in a completely different world. I love that!
Crepes Paulette is a food truck located in Downtown Bentonville. They have savory crepes and sweet crepes. You order from the truck window and the friendliest (and cutest) guy with an amazing French/American accent takes your order. I was so impressed because I've only been once before with my neighbor and when he saw me he said (in his amazing accent) "Hey!! Thank you for coming back and bringing your friend!"
I ordered the same thing I got last time, the #5 also known as The Spicy Chicken. The menu actually lists the French way to pronounce it and I asked how you say it (and did good repeating it back) but I've already forgotten how to say it. #PracticeMakesPerfect #IWillLearnHowToOrderCrepesInFrench
I've heard all about their Pomegranate/Ice Tea beverage so I thought I'd try it out. In case I didn't like it I got my regular (half sweet/half unsweet) tea beverage. I LOVED the Pom/Tea though. I think I'll probably always order it instead of my regular from now on.
My Spicy Chicken Crepe was just as delish as it was the first time! Mom ordered the same thing as me and loved it just as much as I did. I added spinach and jalapenos.
In my opinion, Crepes Paulette is the coolest thing that's ever happened to NWA! I'm obsessed with this little gem and the people who run it!! Julianne Hough was in Bentonville a few weeks ago and adored this spot as well, as seen on her Instagram.
I feel so silly that I've just now discovered CP but it will forever be a staple lunch spot with my friends and family. If anyone is visiting NWA soon, Crepes Paulette is a MUST stop!!

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