Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hour By Hour

I'm off to a good week! I went to my pool again today and hung with my neighbor friends. It makes me happy. After lounging around I came home and let the girls romp around outside. I guess their love for the great outdoors wins over the extreme anxiety I feel any time I let them out there. I've been watching North America on TV (if you aren't watching this you're missing out. It's so interesting!!) and Sunday nights episode featured hawks. The second it came on I was like, "oh great. Just what I need to see." UGH I hate it!!! I think once my neighborhood gets more developed we'll see less of them but for now, they're everywhere. I swear I become more neurotic and anxious by the hour.
Side note and super random but I watched the movie Side Effects this weekend and it's really good. I don't really remember seeing it get much press but I really liked it so if you're wanting something good to rent I'd give it a try.
I finally gave these little nuggets a bath today. They were very smelly. They're all really good girls when they get their bath but they somehow know when the water faucet in the kitchen is on for giving baths and not doing dishes. They try so hard to hide and be invisible. It's so funny!
I'm usually a night owl but my bed is calling my name. In a few minutes I'll be curled up with my three pups and my cute husband with either Harry Potter or Friends on my TV to fall asleep to. Sounds cozy right?

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