Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Weekend Went Like This

I've had a GREAT weekend!! It should come as no surprise that I parked myself at the pool the whole time. I love it y'all. On Friday night Scott indulged me in On The Border. After that we went to TCBY to get dessert!
I love TCBY but nothing beats just a plain ol' chocolate and vanilla swirl with maybe a few rainbow sprinkles on top to make it look pretty. This was delish but 4 bites in and I'd had enough. We came home and watched our favorite Friday night shows (I seriously love Friday night television) then hit the hay.
On Saturday morning Scott and I went to the gym then got ready to meet some of our favorite and closest neighbor friends at the pool.
We ate lunch at the pool and hung out until about 5:00 and it was so. much. fun. Nothing beats summertime at the Hyde Park pool!!
This is Nikki, my pool bud and one of my closest friends!! We got to know each other really well at the pool last summer because she's there just as much as I am. She's one of my favorite people and makes me laugh like nobody can! Now that I've introduced you to her you'll probably hear about her a lot. :) Thanks Landon for photo bombing our pic.
These three enjoy getting a tan as well. As soon as the sun starts to set in the late afternoon these nuggets camp out in my entry hall by the front door to get a little sunshine. It's cute. Everything they do is cute.

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