Monday, June 17, 2013

A Selfie, A Baby, and A BLT

I had a really busy weekend doing all sorts of fun things! We had the little party with our neighbors at our house on Friday night and Saturday I managed to pull myself out of bed after watching too many Sex And The City reruns that I've already seen a billion times but still love. The sun was shining and the pool was calling my name (of course) so I marched over to the pool, parked myself in my favorite lounge chair, and read some magazines. A few hours later it was time to get dressed and head to our besties house.
While we were headed their way, I took a selfie since I'm not used to looking at myself with my hair done and makeup on these days. I think this was maybe the 3rd time in the last 3 weeks I've actually gotten dressed. I've kind of enjoyed throwing my hair in a fishtail and going makeup-less this summer. I'm like a summer hippie! Happy and carefree....
We arrived at Jaclyn and Brad's house to hang out and play with Emerson!! And by play I mean hold her all night and stare at her sweet little face!!!
It was fun catching up with our friends! It felt just like the old times except that there's something new and fun added into the mix!

Today I did something I haven't done in over a decade. I made a BLT!! We (randomly) had tons of bacon in our freezer and it's been there a long time. Last night Scott and I tried to figure out what we could do with it so we made a bacon, tomato and cheese pizza. It was really good but we still had so much bacon left over so Scott cooked it all and we decided to make BLT'S with it. Oh my goodness y'all. It was Yummy!!
The bacon is all gone now and I'm really torn on what I should do. Go out and buy some more of the most fattening and nastiest "meat" ever or let that be that and revisit this sandwich again in a decade? It's a tough one.
That's all for today folks.

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  1. A BLT sounds so delicious right now! A guilty summer pleasure of mine :)