Monday, June 3, 2013


I was shopping at Tuesday Morning yesterday (one of my favorite stores) and spotted the cutest little Snoopy dog. Since Ivy and Madison already own about 42 toys I hesitated to get it but ultimately ended up coming home with him. It was just too cute to resist! They normally LOVE any new toy that they get but Snoopy isn't very appealing for some reason. He's too cute to just hang out in the bottom of their toy basket so I found a place for him. 
Of course he can't rest peacefully. Any time I stick him there the girls HAVE to get him down. 

I'm still not feeling good and I've been asleep almost all day. I woke up feeling great and even went to pilates but when we were cooling down I started feeling terrible. It's so frustrating!! Like, what's wrong with me? I'm going to another doctor tomorrow but he probably won't be able to figure it out either. My belly is so big and bloated. I could pass for someone who's in their second trimester of pregnancy. What's so bazaar is that I cannot for the life of me suck it in no matter how hard I try. It's permanently stuck out. Well, hopefully not permanently. Thankfully all of my blood work came back good otherwise I'd be freaking out that I have stomach cancer. Hopefully I'll get it figured out this week and whatever it is isn't a big deal and can be easily fixed. I'm so annoyed with myself for having to deal with this right now.
It's time for me to tune in to The Bachelorette. Until tomorrow....

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