Monday, August 26, 2013

National Dog Day

I've been taking the girls on lots of bye bye trips when I'm running quick errands. Ivy LOVES it when I let her stick her head out of the window. She looks out of the window the entire time and I can see her little face in the rear view mirror and she looks so cute and happy! Madison liked it at first but then a huge truck drove beside us and made a loud noise and that did her in. It terrified her! But she really wants to be able to see out of the window still so she sits on the console and does this instead.
Cracks me up!
I had a fun weekend at the pool and hung out with some neighbors in my driveway on Saturday night. It's what we do here in Hyde Park. One of my closest friends, Jax, and her husband just bought a house in my neighborhood and moved in this weekend which was super duper exciting! We're about a two minute walk from one another and I love it!

Since today is National Dog Day I couldn't resist posting photos of my sweet little Madison and Ivy....since I never do that on here. These little nuggets have been extra spunky today. Some mornings I wake up and they're still asleep in the bed with us and sometimes they're in the living room playing. Today they were in the living room playing and I don't know why but it always makes me laugh when they do that.

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