Thursday, August 29, 2013


I've had a busy day today. It felt nice to be busy. The last few weeks I haven't had much going on. I woke up around my usual time and made some blueberry muffins. I buy those Betty Crocker ones that come in the little package for $1 and all you have to do is add half a cup of water. They're delicious! Seriously. I usually keep them in stock in my house because they're so easy to make and it feels like you made a special breakfast. Triple Berry is my favorite.
After breakfast and Kelly and Michael, I took the girls on a little walk. They loved it of course. It felt way hotter than 80 degrees though so we didn't stay out too long. I came home and got dressed then Jaclyn picked me up and we went to Fayetteville for lunch. Chipotle was our restaurant of choice. I really wish they would put one up here in Rogers. I love their salad with steak. It's so delicious to me. I never get anything but that when I eat there.
After lunch we went to check out Lola. Our friend, Anna, recently purchased Lola and we were anxious to check it out! I'm so proud and happy for my friend!! If you don't live here but are coming up for some games this season you must check Lola out. It's off Dickson street and is an amazing boutique!
After our little adventure in Fayetteville I came back home and snuggled on the sofa with my puppies until Scott came home from work. And by snuggle I mean they were extremely comfortable laying on top of me and I was not so comfortable.

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