Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back to Jamaica Mon

I've been on the hunt for some new boots. I really wanted a new pair of tall boots and I searched all over town one day for some. I came up empty handed. Tall boots are hard because they have to be just right. I decided instead that I would purchase another pair of booties. I bought some super cute ones last year and wore them all the time. I wanted some black ones this time around and while I was shopping last Saturday I found these Sam Edelman booties.
They're very simple and there's really not a lot to them but they work. I wanted a low heel so I could wear them all day without my feet hurting and so far these are really comfortable.

Scott and I are super excited because we booked a return trip to Jamaica today!! If you were reading my blog in January you may remember that Scott and I went on an anniversary trip to Jamaica. The resort we were staying at had a talent show for the guests and I won! The prize was a free, 5 night all-inclusive trip back!!! We had to book the trip before the year was up and we were initially hoping to go in mid November but the resort was booked so we're going in early December.
We're so pumped! I kind of wish they would have extended the booking time so we could just go back for our anniversary in January but when you've got a free trip on your hands there's really not much to complain about. I absolutely love to travel and I think the beach is my favorite way to do it so I can't wait!!

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