Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gone Shopping

Today has been such a beautiful day! I love this weather. It could stand to be a couple of degrees cooler if you ask me but I'm not really complaining. We'll get there. I started this lovely day with a delicious breakfast and my favorite morning shows.
I love oatmeal but I don't enjoy eating it plain. I like to load tons of strawberries, blueberries or both on top. It's so yummy that way! After breakfast and the Kelly & Michael host chat, I threw on my workout clothes and hit the gym. I'm trying to keep up my workouts as best as I can these days. When I first found out I was pregnant, and before I started getting hit with morning sickness, I was really diligent with my workouts and didn't miss a day. Now I'm lucky if I make it to the gym two times a week. I've been walking around my neighborhood at night quite a bit but I would rather keep up a little bit more rigorous workout regime if I can. I'm hoping that any day now I'm going to start feeling better and I'll be able to get back into my normal workout routine and hit the gym more often.
One I got home from the gym, I got ready for my weekly lunch date with Jaclyn at McAlisters. While I was getting dressed these two snooped through the bathroom trash can and found the end of a toilet paper roll. It was really exciting and kept them entertained for a full 45 minutes. It's the simple things in life....
After lunch I hit the town on the hunt for some Piko Tops. There's a super cute store in Bentonville called Belle Boutique. I popped in there for the first time today and they had such cute clothes! Most of the cute boutiques are in Fayetteville so this is an exciting new revelation. To my delight they had a rainbow of Pikos. I settled on these 3 colors and I love them! They're my first ones to ever have. I know, I know---what's taken me so long? I dunno but I'm pretty sure these are going to become a wardrobe staple. I may have to go back soon and get some more colors. 
Another wardrobe staple of mine are these leggings. I've blogged about how much I love them before. They are so comfortable. I will say they don't look that cute on the hanger but they're awesome. I went to Dillards yesterday and got quite a few new ones and I'm very excited about them. My Mom was wearing some that looked like jeans the other day and I really thought they were jeans until she told me they were leggings. If you haven't bought any you totally should!! I'm obsessed with them. Yet again, I'm sure these will be all I wear during the coming winter months and my new Piko tops will be super cute with them! Successful day of shopping, check!

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