Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kappa Kappa Gamma

My sorority house had a major renovation and on Saturday they had a dedication and open house. I was excited to get a chance to see it so Jax and I drove down to Fayetteville to browse through our former home together. I've been hearing how amazing the new house is and I figured it would be but words cannot describe how truly magnificent it is! I was blown away by the beauty of it! Every single detail was perfectly thought out and whoever designed it has impeccable taste.
The house is huge! It's now the largest in the nation. It's quite different from when I lived in it and a part of me is sad about that but the new house is so incredible and I'm very excited for the girls that get to live in it now and for Kappa as a whole. 
While we were there I ran into a couple of my pledge sisters and good friends, Rebecca and Clare. It's hard to believe we were pledges 10 years ago because it seems like yesterday!!
I found one of my composites! I also found one of my Mom's (she's a Kappa too!) just around the corner from this one. 
I had a great time getting to see the new house. It made me very nostalgic! My college years were the best time of my life and Kappa was such a huge part of that happiness. I would give anything if I could go back for a day!! I'm very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful sorority and I'm so excited for the beautiful new house!

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  1. That looks gorgeous, how fun! I'm with you, doesn't seem like 10 years ago...