Monday, November 18, 2013

Babies and Bellies

"We don't want to take a bath. Please don't make us take a bath."

Over the weekend I spent a lot of my time on the internet searching for nursery items. We've already picked out our crib from Restoration Hardware and are getting the matching dresser to go along with it. Now I'm trying to decide on which glider/rocker I want and also figure out baby bedding. Both are daunting tasks. I really don't like buying something online without being able to see it in person first. I've narrowed my glider/rocker down to a couple of options but can't seem to decide on which one I'd like to get. This afternoon I'm headed to a fabric store to attempt to pick out fabric for the bedding. Or at least get some ideas.
Over the weekend my baby bump grew like crazy....or it feels like it did. I've always heard that the 20 week mark is when you really start to pop and that is definitely true for me. My stomach now pokes up and out when I'm laying in bed. Gone are the days when it used to sink in while laying flat. I'm amazed that my jeans still fit. I don't think I have much longer. A week....maybe 2 if I'm lucky. And speaking of babies and bellies, my little one moves around all the time and I absolutely love feeling him!! I just lay around with my hand on my belly and feel him kick on the inside and outside and it's the most amazing thing ever. I will so miss this part about being pregnant.

And on a totally different note....
This weekend I was browsing on BlogLovin for the first time and noticed I have a handful of peeps who are already following Kara's Stories on it so I decided to set up an icon in case anyone else wants to follow suit.
For those of you who don't know what BlogLovin is, it's basically a way to store all of your favorite blogs in one place. You can get a little app for your phone or tablet and viola! All of your blogs are there, nicely organized and ready for you to read. It's actually pretty cool and also a great way to discover new blogs to read as well. If you are already doing the Bloglovin thing go on ahead and follow Kara's Stories!

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