Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Toys

I've been enjoying my time here in Little Rock. I've mostly been running all over the place doing a little bit of shopping. It's nice visiting stores that aren't in NWA. Last night Mom and I had dinner at Local Lime. I know you Little Rock peeps must love eating there. It is so yum. After dinner we shopped around a bit then came home and crashed.
Today pretty much consisted of the same thing. I just enjoyed a home cooked meal and although it's only 8:15 I'm fighting to stay awake. I get SO tired SO early these days.
We took the girls to Petco today and I bought them this new Christmas tree if they needed another one. I'm headed back home tomorrow (I miss my husband!) but my girls are going to stay at their Pops and Gamma's house for a couple more days. I sure am going to miss them and my house will be so quiet without them! They enjoy coming here though and Grace likes having her best friends spend the night with her.
It's so early but I'm about to get ready for bed. The bed I sleep in at my parents house is so comfortable and the room is nice and dark in the morning. I'm anxious to crawl in it and watch a Christmas movie. I'm extra excited about Christmas this year for some reason. Night all!

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