Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love Your Pet

Today is national Love Your Pet day. I think it goes without saying how much I love my sweet girls. They're my babies and I can't imagine life without them!! Ivy and Madison are mine and Scott's entertainment. We laugh at them all the time and they always manage to put the biggest smiles on our faces.
Ivy is my little shadow. I can't go anywhere without her trailing behind me. Ivy is so different and quirky and not like any dog I've ever known. She is the boss of everyone (even me...or so she thinks) and she loves her sister so, so, so much. Ivy also loves: water bottles, bones, going in Campbell's room and laying on his changing pad, anything that doesn't belong to her, playing outside, her bed (she always curls up in the same spot), sticking her head out of the car window, Gamma, jumping in my bathtub and licking the jets (who knows??) and laying in my lap.
Madison is a mess. She has so much personality and we laugh at her all the time. Madison is full of love. She loves everyone and wants to show everyone how much she loves them. Madison also loves: playing with toys, barking, her daddy (she's definitely a daddy's girl) giving kisses, playing with toys, getting under furniture, having her neck kissed (she sticks her neck out and on top of your mouth so you'll kiss it), playing with toys, sleeping on our pillows, wearing sweaters, laying on her back in the sunshine, belly rubs and playing with toys.
Of course we can't forget about Grace!! While Gracie Grace is technically my parents pup, she feels like she's equally mine as well. Even though they aren't from the same litter, we still think of Grace, Ivy and Madison as sisters. Grace is so quiet and calm and such a good girl. She never does anything bad and you would never know she's in the room. Ivy and Madison love Grace and they're always happy when the three of them get to be together. I call them the two nuggets and the munchkin (Grace is a teeny bit smaller than Ivy and Madison) and I love these three so much! They're all as sweet as they can be and bring me and my entire family so much joy.


  1. Love your pups! I've had a shorkie for a year now and LOVE her! They're the cutest!

    1. Thanks Mike! I had a shorkie for 15 years before I got these two. Shorkies are great pups! I don't know if I'll ever have a different breed!!