Monday, February 17, 2014

Three Hours South For The Weekend

I had a great weekend! Around 3:00 on Friday Scott and I drove down to Little Rock to hang out with my parents for the weekend. I know Friday was Valentines Day but Scott and I have never really done much for Valentines. Scott always gets me some sweet treats from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and that, to me, is perfection.
We had a fun weekend in Little Rock. We got in on Friday just in time for dinner so my Mom cooked a yummy meal then we all went to bed full and happy. On Saturday Mom, Scott and I ran around town popping in some of my favorite local Little Rock stores. I was on the hunt for a coming home outfit for Campbell (the hardest thing in the world to find for a boy just FYI) and I found a really sweet little outfit from the Toggery. I'm not sure if it will be his coming home outfit or his very first outfit for in the hospital (that's to be determined) but this little number is super sweet and so tiny!! I know he'll look just precious in it.
We went to church at Fellowship Little Rock yesterday then headed back to our home here in NWA. The weather was absolutely wonderful yesterday and it will be all week! I always want to break out the dresses and flip flops when it feels like this but I never do because even though it's in the 60's, dresses and flip flops in February seems inappropriate. Anyone else agree or is that just me?
We got home just in time for dinner so we swung by Fresh Market to pick up some sausage, fruits and cheeses to eat. Scott and I have a platter like this for dinner occasionally and I think it's my favorite kind of meal to have. We should really eat like this more often....

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