Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Things For Thursday

Last night I made my favorite dessert, chocolate dipped strawberries. Strawberries and chocolate chips (the milk chocolate Ghirardelli ones are the best) are two things that can always be found in the Johnson house. I love to melt a small handful of chocolate chips and dip strawberries in it for a little treat after dinner. I will never, ever get tired of it!!
Scott and I took this picture of the three little nuggets, who just so happened to be lounging in the glider, to put in a frame in Campbell's room. I think it's so sweet! The girls are always hanging out in Campbell's room. I don't know why they love it so much but it is officially their favorite room in the house. I think they know someone special is about to live there! :)
Speaking of someone special, Scott and I got to check in on and take a look at our little boy this morning! He's looking just perfect!!! More on that tomorrow...

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