Friday, March 21, 2014

37 Weeks

Thirty seven weeks today and officially full term! Yay! I'm so grateful that I made it to this point. Knowing Campbell could arrive any day now is so exciting!
Size of Baby: I'm guessing Campbell is about 6 pounds now.

How I'm Feeling: I have horrible pressure because he's down so low and when it hits me it hurts SO bad. My back has started hurting me again but that comes and goes. I've only been sick once this week and heartburn is better but still lingers. Overall I feel pretty good. If I still feel like this 3 weeks from now I'll consider myself pretty lucky. I don't feel amazing but I'm comfortable enough.

Cravings/Appetite: Some days heartburn is terrible and some days I don't need to take anything for it. For the first time in months I've had cappuccinos and orange juice and they didn't make me sick. I still try to be cautious about what I eat though, especially at night.

Clothes: Maxi dress overload! It's all I'm wearing right now. My BF gave me a bunch of hers that she wore while she was pregnant which has been awesome. If there's a slight chill in the air I just throw a blazer over them.
Movement: Campbell is still moving but like I said last week, it's definitely slowed down. His little kicks and jabs hit me much lower than they used to. What I've mostly been feeling in my belly these days are contractions.

Changes in Me: I had my weekly appointment yesterday and without over sharing too much, let's just say that I've made some very nice progression. I was shocked when she told me what I was at considering last week was zilch. My weight gain count is now up to 19 pounds.

Baby Purchases: Last Saturday Scott and I bought Campbell some Sperry's and I think I died a little on the inside. They are so tiny and ridiculously cute!
Favorite Moment This Week: My doctors appointment yesterday. I think Scott may have had a mini panic attack when she told me what I had progressed to. He's been making fun of me all week because I just knew last week she was going to tell me I was on my way there and when she said zero it really tickled Scott. He's not laughing now!!

Looking Forward To: The weekend. Sleeping in, watching too much TV, hanging with friends and snacking on junk food sounds pretty nice.

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