Thursday, March 6, 2014

a frisbee & a changing pad

This toy right here.....
This is the most popular toy in our house. We love frisbee. We love it too much. We're relentless about asking Momma and Daddy to throw it. If it didn't have Razorbacks all over it I would be soooo tempted to throw it away. Because it gets on my nerves. But they love it so I tolerate it.
Nursery sneak peek! All of the puppies love laying on Campbell's changing pad. They hop up there all the time to hang out or take naps. I don't know if they like the height of the dresser or the softness of the changing pad cover but Ivy, Grace and Madison are all obsessed with it.
I checked off something on my to-do list today! It was a big one and I feel really good about it. Now it's time for me to grab my heating pad and get in bed. I'm tired and my back is achy. Story of my life these days folks!!

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