Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Campbell Scott Johnson

He's here! Our sweet little boy who we've been anxious to meet for so long now made his grand debut at 1:04 this morning weighing in at 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long. We are madly in love with him and think he is the most precious, perfect little being there ever was or ever will be!!
Since most of you have been on this journey with me for many months now, I thought I'd share Campbell's birth story with you today if you'd like!
It all started yesterday morning at about 4:30 am. I woke up from my sleep with really bad cramps and some other weird stuff was happening that kind of alarmed me so I made an emergency call to the on-call doctor to make sure what was happening was okay. She told me to just keep an eye on things so I crawled back in bed and attempted to go back to sleep which, of course, wasn't happening. At about 7:00 I texted my doctor to tell her what was going on and she suggested I go to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay. So Scott and I packed our bags just in case I was in labor and headed that way. After being there for about 2 hours running a few tests and monitoring everything, they sent me home. I didn't think I was in labor so I wasn't surprised to be sent home but I wanted to make sure everything with the little guy was fine. Scott and I grabbed some Chick-Fil-A for lunch then I came home and took a nap.
Shortly after I woke up from my nap, I noticed a little water came out. It seemed like it could possibly be my water breaking but it wasn't much so I took google's suggestion and lied down for 30 minutes then stood up to see if more water came out when I stood up. It did, but again, not much. So I called my doctor (it's really awesome when your doctor is also your friend) and asked her if she thought it was my water breaking and she suggested I go back to the hospital. I really didn't want to be "that person" and go back again. So I laid down on my bed and called my Mom to ask her what she thought I should do. A few minutes into our conversation, a huge dramatic gush of water came out. There was no mistaking it---my water broke!!
I hopped in the shower really quickly and piddled around the house for about an hour then Scott and I made our way to the hospital at about 7:00.
For about the first hour I wasn't really having any contractions. They asked me if I wanted an epidural but since I wasn't feeling anything I decided to hold off on it. The contractions finally started to come and they were painful but only lasted about 45-60 seconds so it was totally bearable. I got to about a 6.5 before they came in and gave me an epidural. I honestly probably could have made it further but I started getting scared of what might come so I decided to go on ahead and get the epidural. I was terrified of getting it! I was literally shaking so, so hard as the anesthesiologist was getting everything prepped to put it in. It ended up not being a big deal at all. A little sting, but totally no big deal.
Around 12:00 the nurse came in to check me and I was ready to go. My heart started pounding a little bit at that point! They called my doctor and she arrived about 30 minutes later to deliver my little boy! The delivery was a piece of cake! A couple of pushes later and Campbell was here!!
Campbell came out screaming but the second they laid him on my chest he stopped crying. It was such an amazing moment! I honestly didn't really know what to feel but tears filled my eyes as I held this precious little baby that I made! And I have to say that Scott was so amazing throughout the entire thing. He was perfect as he stood by my side. I have such a great husband and he is already an amazing daddy to our little boy!!
Isn't he cute!! We love him so much and can't stop staring at him! He's basically been asleep all day long. He doesn't even care to wake up very much to nurse! So far that's going pretty good and we're both trying hard to get the hang of it. I've only done it a few times but I love it. It's such a sweet and precious thing to be able to do for him.
It's been a long day and I haven't slept much at all. It's been such a great day though! I don't think I'll ever forget a single detail about this day--or at least I hope I don't! Everything about this experience has been so surreal. I can't stop thinking about how precious Campbell is and how blessed we are! Everything went exactly the way I hoped it would and he is perfect and healthy! We are over the moon for our little man!!


  1. He is so precious! Congrats to you guys, beautiful little family! :)

  2. He's adorable! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! He's beautiful and a lucky little boy that will have such great parents!

  4. Congratulations on a healthy, perfect baby!

  5. Congrats Scott and Kara!! What a sweet little boy- enjoy him :)
    --Hilda @ Puppy Place

  6. He's beautiful ! Congratulations

  7. Yay!! So glad all went well. He is very cute. :)