Sunday, March 30, 2014

First Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! It's so crazy to think about how different my life has changed in just a week. Last Sunday Scott and I went to church, had lunch at Firehouse then came home and watched countless hours of TV on Netflix. This Sunday I woke up taking care of a baby!
Life is going good and we're surviving. My biggest challenge right now is nursing Campbell. It's hard! I feel like I'm being fairly patient with it and not getting too frustrated but sometimes I want to erupt into tears. We always start out our feedings with him screaming and wiggling in my arms for a good 10-15 minutes before he'll finally latch on and get going. Once he gets going we're pretty golden. Getting him to calm down and be patient and not get frustrated when my milk doesn't come out with his first few sucks is the hard part. I'm definitely hanging in there because I really want to nurse him. Every feeding gets a teeny bit easier so I'm hoping that maybe by this time next week Campbell and I will both have it down a little better. I know this sounds crazy but my favorite time of the day with Campbell is in the middle of the night when I wake him up to feed him. He's a deep sleeper so it takes me forever to get him to wake up but I love that time. It's just us and he's so sweet and I could just kiss his little cheeks a million times a minute. Then he screams and I feel every muscle in my body tense up. But then he starts eating and he's so calm and content and happy. It's weird for me to say I love it--even at 3 am--but I do.
This is a picture of a happy baby after eating a big meal last night! Aren't his little pj's cute! The day we came home from the hospital my Mom ran out to get Campbell some preemie clothes because even his newborn stuff swallows him. When I was having my emotional breakdown while I was in the nursery with Campbell for the first time, I cried to Mom and Scott about how none of his clothes fit (hormones). Now he has a couple of things and he looks adorable in them all!
Notice the wubbanub? Mom and Dad ran out and got that yesterday because I just really thought Campbell needed one. Someone is jealous of it.
I told you the toys were going to be a problem! Madison stares Campbell down any time he has that paci in his mouth. And in case you're wondering.....yes, she has been successful in pulling it out of his mouth---twice.

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