Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hello all!! Enjoying the ice? I accidentally got stuck in this winter weather at my parents house in Little Rock and just got home later today. Scott had his "dadchelor" party in Hot Springs over the weekend and while he did that, I decided to hang with my parents. Scott dropped me off in Little Rock in route to Hot Springs. I texted him on Saturday and told him we probably needed to get on the road pretty early on Sunday so we could beat the bad weather that was awaiting us at home. When Scott got to my parents house the weather had already started looking pretty bad so we decided to just stay in Little Rock and tackle the drive the next day. We were so surprised to wake up to snow and ice in Little Rock because (unless I somehow missed it) we didn't know they were going to get hit with it too!
We were all stuck inside my parents house all day yesterday and we totally didn't expect it. Scott and I finally managed to make it out and home today without any troubles. Although getting off my parents street was the most challenging part. They have to take a super steep hill to get out of their neighborhood and it's seriously impossible to get up during these snow/ice storms. We got a great deal of entertainment watching people attempt it all day yesterday and today. One poor guy got stuck and a tow truck had to come help him out. Scott quite literally floored it up the hill. It sounded like we were going 90 MPH even though the speedometer only said 15. Third time was the charm for us and we were able to get up and over. It was scary! I'm glad we're home now. My weekend in Little Rock ended up being a lot longer than I had planned but I really didn't have anything else to do so it was kind of fun being snowed in with my family!

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