Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had a really fun and somewhat busy weekend! We stayed in on Friday night but all of us were in desperate need of getting out of the house so the five of us loaded up in the car and drove to Papa Murphy's to get a take-n-bake pizza! We also kind of just road around for a little bit for a change of scenery. It felt nice for us all to get out of the house together.
Scott and I stayed up kind of late Friday night to finish Season 2 of Scandal. OMG it's so good. I'm so ready to watch Season 3 but we can't because it's not out yet. Torture!! I'm obsessed with this show.
On Saturday night our friends, Craig & Jax, hosted an Easter dinner and it was so nice! I told Jax it was clear she had slaved in the kitchen for several days!! It was fun getting together with friends for the evening.
Life around here is getting a teeny bit easier. I'm getting adjusted to the new normal and learning how to live life with a newborn. At first I didn't want to leave the house and also didn't feel like I could. Now I'm learning how our new schedule works and also how to get organized and prepared for certain situations. For example, Jax told us to come over to her house at 6:15 Saturday night. I knew Campbell would need to eat around 6:00 so I had a bottle ready because he eats much faster that way. I texted Jax and told her we'd probably be 15 minutes late (which we were) but Campbell would have a full belly when we got there. Full belly = a happy/sleepy baby. Scott and I were able to enjoy our time with our friends and Campbell slept the entire time we were there. See! I'm getting the hang of it. I was proud of myself for thinking ahead instead of being an hour late to the party! Ha!
Last night/early this morning we all got in bed/to sleep around 11:30. Campbell woke up at 3:00 and we were up for an hour. Then he woke up again at 6:50 this morning. I felt like I got so much sleep! I don't have very high hopes for this to be a new thing but at least I got somewhat of a break for one night. This is his "I don't know why you think it's such a big deal to get up in the middle of the night" face. I could eat this face up!

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