Tuesday, April 15, 2014


On Sunday I got out of the house for a little bit while Scott watched Campbell. I didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do but it was nice getting out for a little bit! I can't believe I haven't gone stir crazy being trapped in my house basically 24/7. I usually don't handle that so well but for some reason I don't mind it too bad. Probably because I'm too tired to care! I decided while I was out I'd do a little shopping to see if I could find tiny clothes for my little peanut at my favorite store for him--baby gap. 
Most everything they had was way too big but I found a couple of 'Up To 7 Pounds' items that looked pretty small so I purchased them and was excited to finally dress Campbell in some Gap clothes. He was all decked out in Baby Gap yesterday and I thought he looked so cute!!!
Last night Scott and I were putting Campbell in his pajamas and they were too tight! Scott's Mom got us 2 Carters preemie pajamas right when Campbell was born and they've always fit so perfect but now they're too little. It made me happy and also a little (maybe a lot) sad. I can't believe he's starting to outgrow some of his clothes. I swear it happened over night!
Scott and I have a serious addiction problem when we get started on a new television series. Our new show is Scandal and when Scott gets home from work we spend the rest of our day watching episode after episode on Netflix. Do y'all watch Scandal? It's my new favorite show. If you aren't watching, start now.

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