Saturday, April 26, 2014

Campbell | One Month

Campbell is one month old today! 
Weight: We're going for our one month check up on Tuesday but I'm going to guess between 7.5-8 pounds.

Height: Again, I'll update later! I have no clue how to guess this one!!

Sleep: Campbell has gotten himself in a pretty good routine of sleeping in 3 hour intervals.

Eat: We're exclusively breastfeeding. When Campbell was about 2 weeks old I started introducing bottles to him and he's always done great with them! I give him 1-2 bottles a day because sometimes I need a break!! Campbell typically eats about 3 ounces of milk when he has a bottle. He eats about 7 times a day.

Clothes: Campbell has moved up from preemie sized clothes to newborn! Most of his wardrobe is from Carters right now. He can wear 'up to 7 pounds' items from baby gap as long as they're separates like onsies and pants. Their 'up to 7 pounds' pajamas, rompers and one pieces are still way too big on him.

Diapers: Last week we switched from preemie diapers to newborn. We're big fans of Pampers around here. Huggies leak on us for some reason.

Likes: Bath time, cartoons, pacifiers--any kind will do, gripe water, riding in the car, sleeping on top of Mommy.

Dislikes: Diaper changes, getting out of the bath, getting clothes on/off.

Month One: Campbell still spends the majority of the day sleeping. He's most alert and happy in the morning. That's when we watch cartoons! He likes to be held and prefers to sleep in your arms. I'm trying not to get in a habit of that but a lot of the time we live with the "whatever helps us survive" philosophy around here. When he's not sleeping in our arms, he sleeps in his bouncer or rock-n-play. Campbell still sleeps in our room and probably will for another month or two OR until he starts sleeping through the night. We still aren't real sure who Campbell looks like! I guess time will tell. We love our sweet little boy and can't believe he's one month old!!

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