Wednesday, May 28, 2014


My Mom and Grammy just took off after being at my house for almost a week. It was nice getting to hang out with adults for a little while! Ha. I enjoyed getting out for lunch every day and having someone to run errands with. By running errands I mean, Campbell is happy when we get out so I have to get out a few hours a day. Even when I have absolutely nowhere to go or nothing to do!! I was hoping I would be able to take advantage of them and let them babysit for me while I hopped over to the pool for a few hours but it's been cloudy and rainy here so that didn't really work out for me too well.
I considered sending the girls home with their Gamma. Not because they get in my way or make life harder but because I sometimes feel like they need a break!! The crying gets stressful to them (especially Ivy) and life just isn't what it used to be. No more calmness, not as many bye bye trips, no more good sleep....I sometimes feel bad for my girls. I decided not to send them down to Little Rock though because I'm selfish and just can't part with them for very long. I need my nuggets!! I think they miss their Momma and Daddy after being away from them for a few days anyway. Maybe we'll make a trip down to Little Rock soon for a little getaway/change of scenery!
This little peanut has suddenly become a fan of laying flat. He used to hate it but now he's so content. He coos, smiles and kicks his feet and is totally happy! It's kind of really nice! We're going to attempt to make the transition from the Rock N Play to his crib this weekend. I've had a tiny bit of anxiety about it. Just as we're finally starting to get more sleep around here, I'm gonna go and mess it up. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think though. Especially since he's enjoying laying flat now. Fingers crossed!


  1. He might already be too wiggly for it now, but do u have one of those little "wedge" things that he can lay in between in his crib? (Do u know what I mean?) I feel like those are handy in that they make them feel like they're more snug... Not just laying in a big ole bed wild and free. Maybe that could help? Good luck!!

    1. Yes! Where do you get them? I've looked at Target but they don't have any.