Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lunch Dates

Today has been such a great day! I got so much sleep last night so I felt so, so good this morning. If you haven't noticed by now, I really love sleep. Like, more than the normal person. Scott gave Campbell his late night bottle so I went to bed early. Campbell woke up around 1:00 to eat then again at 5:30. Scott said he was wide awake at 5:30 so he just took it upon himself to take care of that feeding too. Whoop! I told Scott if he always wanted to do that he was more than welcome to :)
Since I woke up feeling so refreshed and human-like, I texted my buddy, Jaclyn, to see if she wanted to have lunch. Pre-Campbell that's something we did once a week...sometimes twice. Since the little peanut has arrived we've only gotten to have lunch together once and I've missed it so bad! Since I'm typically not up and moving until noon most days, it's been hard to get together. But today was the perfect day to have our lunch date---so we did! Campbell did great and snoozed the entire time. As Jaclyn said, when you bring them with you somewhere it's such a risk!! You never know if they're going to be quiet or not even when you think you've timed it out perfectly for them to sleep! Thankfully he slept and we got to have our long lunch!
The activity mat is a big hit around here. Well, with everyone except for Campbell. He really doesn't like being on his tummy for very long and he hates being on his back. I'm worried it's going to be really hard to put him in his crib when the time comes. I've tried to get him to nap in his crib to slowly get him use to it and he just screams. Any tips on how to make that transition easier would be greatly appreciated!
We put on a 0-3 month outfit today and it almost kind of fits! Campbell has lots of cute 0-3 month clothes so he needs to hurry up and do just a little bit more growing so we can put him in them! He'll be so stylin!!

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