Monday, June 23, 2014


We had a fun weekend! It's the first weekend where I felt like I was able to relax and enjoy myself a little bit, instead of being anxious about Campbell and his schedule and his sleep. I feel pretty confident in his nighttime sleep these the fact that he does it now. Before I was always so worried about anything that may throw it off but now I think the little peanut has it down.
We're only using the Aden + Anais swaddle these days and we're leaving one arm out. Campbell likes to suck on his hand and I think he likes it better not being super constricted. Love these swaddles!!!
Scott and I didn't do much on Friday night. On Saturday I got to go to the pool for a few hours and it was soooo awesome! Later that day we went to Brad and Jaclyns for dinner and Campbell did so great! Normally I'm having to bounce him the whole time to keep him from crying. This time he just sat in my lap and watched everyone. Then I took him upstairs and rocked him in Emmy's glider for maybe 5 minutes, laid him down, and he slept until I woke him up to go home. Life these days. It's so easy I could shed a tear. Well.....compared to what it used to be. I'll elaborate more later in the week but Babywise has been my saving grace.
I got out of the house for a little bit today. Even though it was pouring down rain on me the whole time I was out it was still so great. I've told myself I've got to get out on my own more often. I don't do it very much and I really need to. It's just nice to get some space. Although I always laugh at myself because after I'm gone for about an hour I really start to miss Campbell!!!! He's just the sweetest! I don't know what I ever did without him.

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