Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunny Side

Hey all! I hope every one's week is off to a good start. Mine isn't so bad. The little peanut isn't napping great still. He refuses to go down without a fight! But he's a happy little boy which is all I wish for these days. I'll gladly take happy baby over bad napper.
These are my absolute favorite pajamas that Campbell has. They're Kickee Pants and he looks SOOOO cute in them! These will be one of those clothing items that I think I'll keep forever. I was always in love with Kickee Pants before Campbell was born and now that he's here I love them even more. I just ordered 2 new 'coveralls' for him this week. I like him to lounge around the house in those. They're so comfortable and super cute too. Win, win. If you haven't invested in some Kickee Pants....what are you waiting for? I wish they made adult pajamas....
Not a whole lot going on with these nuggets! Ivy and Madison are still as sweet as ever! They're really enjoying Campbell's new Baby Wise schedule. It's a lot more calm around here, the crying has been cut by about 90% and sleep isn't as interrupted as it used to be. They're appreciating that life isn't as chaotic these days.
Campbell and his Daddy are twinks today!! Also, I believe it's time to retire those newborn grey sweatpants. They look like long shorts. Also number 2, I've found the silver lining to Campbell's reflux (which has gotten SO much better lately). Campbell tends to spit up on his clothes a lot because of the reflux. At first it drove me crazy. Now, I'm getting okay with it. Because we go through about 2-3 outfit changes a day typically (even just a little spit up bothers me....I don't won't him to be wet/uncomfortable) but since we change clothes so often we get a lot of wear out of our outfits!! You know how people say not to spend money on baby clothes because they don't wear them very much before they outgrow them? Not the case here folks! #LookingOnTheBrightSide

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  1. He is getting so big! We need to get together soon before that boy goes to college. :-)