Thursday, June 26, 2014

Campbell | Three Months Old

Campbell turned 3 months old today!

Weight: I'm going to guess Campbell is in the 12 pound range.

Height: I tried measuring Campbell myself and I got him at around 21.5 inches.

Sleep: Campbell sleeps anywhere from 7 to 9 hours at night. His naps average around an hour and a half. He has gotten so good at sleeping in his crib! I used to have to hold him during his naps but now he loves laying in his own bed. He sleeps on his side with his arm over his face. Of course I think it's adorable.

Eat: I'm still exclusively breastfeeding Campbell and he eats 6-7 times a day. I always give him one bottle a day, sometimes two. When he has a bottle, he drinks 4 ounces of milk. Campbell eats every 2 1/2-3 hours. It takes him longer to eat when he has a bottle vs nursing-- 30 minutes with a bottle, 15 max when nursing.

Clothes: Campbell is finally in 0-3 month clothes. He has a few newborn items that he can still wear but for the most part he wears 0-3 months. Most of his clothes are from Baby Gap. I just love their stuff so much! I'm also really big into Kickee Pants. The days where we don't leave the house, he lounges in Kickee Pants Coveralls and always looks so cute! I'm obsessed with shopping for Campbell. It's so much fun getting him dressed every day! :)
Diapers: Pampers Size 1

Likes: Baths, TV, his bouncy chair, laying on his changing pad, cuddling with Mommy, his activity mat, and sitting up like a big boy.

Dislikes: There isn't much that makes Campbell mad these days. He's so much more easy going than he used to be. The only time he gets fussy or cries is when he's tired, which signals to me that it's time for a nap!

Milestones: So many milestones this month! The biggest one is that Campbell started rolling over which was so exciting to us! He also bats at/reaches for the toys dangling over his activity mat and bouncer. Campbell has started putting his hand in his mouth and he gives the sweetest open mouth kisses! Recently, Campbell has started turning his head and following me around the house. He kicks his little legs all the time especially when the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song comes on TV. He loves that song! Campbell smiles and coos at us all the time which just melts our hearts.
Month Three: The last 4 weeks have been so much fun! Campbell has started developing a little personality and is getting much more active. He's such a sweet, precious baby and I love the way he looks at me! I know each month is going to get more and more fun and it seems like time is flying by now!

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