Thursday, July 24, 2014


We're experiencing some new stuff around the Johnson house. Campbell is "merging" into the next Babywise phase. Changes with Campbell stress me out. Just as I've gotten super duper comfortable with our little routine, it's changing. I'd love to say that the transition is going smoothly but Scott and I are kind of struggling. So for all you Babywise Mom's out there---I need your help!
I've started Campbell on solids now which I think is the reason behind the merge. I feed him 2 solids a day--lunch and dinner. He decided on his own that it's time to drop from 6 to 5 meals and from 4 to 3 naps. 
Before, everything was on a pretty consistent time schedule. Now I feel like everything is all over the place. Did anyone else struggle at the beginning? Campbell has been on Merge 3 but Scott and I can't figure out if he's moving to Merge 4 (like he's supposed to) or skipping over to Merge 5 (possibly because of the introduction of solids). Thankfully he's still sleeping all night and waking up at the right time every morning so it's not messing anything up there as far as that's concerned. It's just daytime that's kind of hard right now. I guess what I'm wondering is what time did/do you do those last 2 feedings? How long were waketimes and naptimes? 
For some reason this one is really throwing Scott and I both for a loop. If there's anyone out there that's willing to offer me help/advice I would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully we can get this one figured out and it will be smooth sailing for us again!

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