Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Must Have Pregnancy Items

Today I thought I would share with all of you my pregnancy must have items. These are things that I could not have lived without during my pregnancy. The list is short but for me, these items were crucial!

1.) My pregnancy apps. I had three: Sprout, What to Expect When Expecting, and the Baby Center app. All apps were a little different and I loved them all. The first thing I did when I woke up every morning was read my pregnancy apps. It's fun, helpful and very informative!
2.) Gap maternity jeans. I wore them almost every day. They're a great price and they fit just like Gap's regular jeans. I thought the full panel was much more comfortable than the demi-panel.
3.) Old Navy ribbed maternity tanks. These tanks are awesome! I actually still wear mine--they've turned into my nursing tanks. They're very long, really comfortable and fit great. I used them to layer under tops and sweaters, I wore them as pajamas, and they became my go-to when I was lounging around the house.
4.) Fre Champagne. Okay I wouldn't say this was a crucial item for me but it definitely came in handy on a few occasions. This champagne is alcohol free and tastes great! There were a few times (New Years Eve for example) that I wanted to feel like I could partake in a little bubbly. This Fre line also has an alcohol free red and white wine but I never tried them. I can give pretty good reviews on the champagne though!
5.) Lotions and Oils. I was religious (and maybe a little obsessive) about my daily lotion routine. I always applied a generous amount of Aveeno in the morning. I would take a bath every night and drop Bio-Oil drops in the water...and sometimes rub the Bio Oil on my belly on the days where I felt like the bump was really growing! Then at night I would rub Dermarepair on my belly and hips. The Dermarepair is a stretch mark prevention and repair cream and was definitely a splurge item. I started using it at the beginning of my second trimester and I ended up going through 2 1/2 of them. I don't know if it was my daily routine or my genetics but I managed to get through my entire pregnancy without a single stretch mark!

So there they are! My pregnancy must have's. What were/are yours?

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