Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swimming and Errands

Not a whole lot is going on around our house these days. I spend my days trying to come up with ways to entertain Campbell so we don't get stuck in the same ol' routine. I like to try to keep it exciting for him! Yesterday I decided I would go get Campbell a floatie and see what he thought about our neighborhood pool. Trying to decided on the right floatie for Campbell was something that I turned into a major production but oh well. I really like the one I went with and Campbell seemed to as well. He really enjoyed the pool and was perfectly content floating in the water with his Mommy. I'm glad he enjoyed it! This will be something we may have to start doing a few times a week for a little change of pace! Hopefully Scott can go with us next time so we can get some pictures of Campbell in the pool.
Other than the pool we really haven't done anything eventful around here. My Mom came up yesterday to pick up Grace and hang out a few days so that's fun. It's nice to have company! We went to lunch then the mall today and took the little peanut with us. I was hoping he would fall asleep while on his outing but he's decided he doesn't like to do that anymore. He prefers his cozy bed in his dark room with his white noise. Even though he pretty much missed an entire nap, he was still really sweet and didn't get mad at me for keeping him out. I like that he's pretty chill these days! Makes life a touch easier.
He looks like a giant in this photo! My little man is growing up so fast!!

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