Thursday, August 28, 2014

Campbells Moccs

Last week I wrote a post about Freshly Picked Moccs and told you guys I would give an update on what I think about the shoes once they arrived. I got them in this week (yay!) and I love them!! They stay on his feet great and they fit pretty good too. He definitely has some growing room (I got size 1) but they don't look ridiculously large on his feet like most shoes that I've tried for him do.
I was worried that the fringe around them would poof/stick out but it doesn't. It lays down nice and smooth. I love the color, weathered brown, and think it will go with most of his clothes. A lot of my Instagram followers voted on weathered brown but I ultimately left the decision up to my husband and Jake. Ha! I figured a mans opinion was probably valuable when it came to this and they both voted on the same color so I went with it.

Now I'm addicted and need a few more pairs. I'm definitely going with Stone Suede....
and after that it's a toss up between sand suede....

Is an entire blog post about which color shoes I'm going to purchase for my son extraordinarily boring to you or are you just as excited about this as I am? I gotta say, never in my life did I think I would get so excited about shopping for a boy. Call me crazy but I'm almost wondering if it's more fun to shop for a boy than it is a girl. Sure I'm missing out on big bows and adorable dresses. But shopping for a boy brings about a certain challenge and I kind of enjoy it. I shop for Campbell all. the. time.
Maybe baby shopping in general is just ridiculously fun (yeah that's probably it) but I L-O-V-E shopping for Campbell. Whoever said shopping for boys isn't as fun as shopping for girls was seriously mistaken.

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