Monday, August 11, 2014

Nursery Time

Hello Monday! Let's make this week a good one shall we?
Dinner and a movie Campbell Johnson style

Our weekend was fun! Scott and I ordered pizza on Friday night and once we put the little one to bed, we watched Divergent. It was good. Interesting. Very similar to Hunger Games. I like the Hunger Games better but that's probably because I've read the books. I'm definitely going to keep up with the movie series because I'm curious to see what happens next.
I went to the pool on Saturday afternoon. I was out there for maybe 5 minutes, enjoying the bright hot sun and the company of my neighbors. Then, out of nowhere, a monsoon struck. It began raining SO HARD. I ended up stuck in the bathroom for about 45 minutes with my girl, Nikki. We made the most of it though! Later that evening we had a couple of neighbors over to hang out on our back porch. Scott and I stayed up until about midnight and then the little peanut randomly woke up at 3:00 am so that was neat. He hasn't done that in about 6 weeks but whatever!! Needless to say, I was dragging all day yesterday!
Speaking of yesterday, Scott and I went to church and put Campbell in the nursery for the very first time. The timing didn't work out with Campbell's schedule at all but we don't want to miss out on church anymore so we just had to work around it. When we dropped him off, I told the lady that it was time for him to take his nap right away but I could tell she wasn't paying attention to what I was saying. I was a little anxious the entire service and kept watching for our little number to pop up on the screen alerting us that our baby was uncontrollable and we needed to go tend to him ASAP. But we made it through the service (all of the parents did actually!) without our number flashing. Once church was over, we immediately headed over to pick up our little peanut. He was just chillin and seemed fine. The girl handed him to me and said "we had some trouble with him at first but then he finally took a nap and woke up a completely different baby." Whoops! In Campbell's defense, I told them that he needed to go to sleep right away and (just like I suspected) they clearly didn't listen to me. I was hoping he would nap the entire church service but I'm guessing he got in a little 30 minute cat nap. A rocky start but other than that everything else about our first church nursery experience was really good. Now I'm just praying he doesn't get sick this week because I'm a little nervous about that. I'm glad we did it though and I'm looking forward to getting back to church. Life doesn't feel right without it!!

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