Monday, September 22, 2014


On Friday night I checked my Instagram and discovered something exciting! Campbell was selected as this week's Kickee Cutie! Yay!
A Kickee Cutie is selected by Kickee Pants every Friday. All you do is Facebook or Instagram a photo of your baby in their Kickee Pants and use the hashtag #KickeePants or #KickeeCutie. If you're selected you get a discount on your next Kickee Pants purchase. You all know how much I love Kickee Pants so this was very exciting! And surprising. I posted that pic on Instagram a month ago and had already forgotten about my #KickeePants hashtag.
Over the weekend I gave Campbell these Nuby Nibbler things and he and I both love them! I've been sticking different types of fruit in them and he loves eating from it. Plus it keeps him entertained for a long time. I wish I had introduced him to this sooner. I only have 2 but I think I need to go stock up on a few more.
We had an interesting experience on Sunday. I heard Campbell wake up around his usual time, 7:00, so I walked upstairs to get him out of bed. I sat in the glider to feed him and he fell asleep nursing. I thought that was kind of odd. He's never done that before. I rubbed his cheeks and kept trying to get him to wake up but he was out cold. So I just laid him back in his crib and he didn't wake up until 9:00. I immediately knew it would be trouble for church because he would be getting sleepy right as we dropped him off at the nursery. I still wanted to go though so when we dropped him off, I told them he was way off schedule and it was time for his nap. I also warned that getting him down for a nap would probably be the most challenging thing they've ever experienced. She told me she'd get it done and off we went to church.
Twenty five minutes later, Scott tapped me and goes "that's our number." So we flew out of our seats and went to see what the problem was. They were waiting in the hallway for us to rescue them from the screaming baby that was my child. I have never seen Campbell so upset in my life.
We apologized profusely, asked them to please not fear us every Sunday from now on, and left early so we could get Campbell home for a nap. Campbell and naps. I've never seen anything like it. I've finally figured out how to get him to stay asleep but getting him there is a whole other story. He hates them. He fights it so hard. I see babies who fall asleep bouncing in their jumper or on their Mommas shoulder....Campbell would NEVER do that. NEVER. EVER. This child. He is happy and smiley all day. Just don't make him take a nap.

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