Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tiny Milestones

It feels like new things are going on around our house every single week. Life with a baby is definitely exciting! Even the tiny little milestones are fun. Within the last week we've experienced some fun new stuff around here with Campbell.
I always feed Campbell with a spoon but last week I was curious to know if he could feed himself with an Ella's pouch. I handed it to him and to my delightful surprise, he immediately picked it up and was able to feed himself! I think it's so cute to watch him eat from them. Such a big boy!!
After church on Sunday my little family went to eat at Slim Chickens. The weather was so beautiful so we sat outside and I got such a cute pic of my boys! My happy boys. I love them both.
Yesterday me and my buddy went shopping. I'm getting kind of tired of toting Campbell around in his car seat when I run errands so I decided it was time to bust out the shopping cart cover. It gave Campbell a whole new shopping experience!! At first he was like "this is so. much. fun. I love it! I can see so good!!!!"
And then he was like "seriously Mom, we've been out shopping for over an hour now. Are we done yet? I'm ready to be done."
Another fun thing is that it was actually cold last week. It was ahhhhmazing. I turned my fireplace on and the girls and I were in Heaven! We've missed our fireplace.
Unfortunately it's warm again this week but I know that very soon we'll be back to fireplaces and long sleeves and that makes me extra happy.

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