Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feeling The Weight

Mom life can be tough sometimes. Today I let myself think about the extreme weight that's being carried on my shoulders....and then I cried. Everything is on me. Scott helps me out so, so much. Don't get me wrong there. But really, isn't the mom the one who basically does it all? This tiny little person relies on me for everything and that's quite a bit of responsibility......to say the least. Sometimes it can all just be so overwhelming.
Campbell is such a tiny little peanut. We checked his weight last Thursday and he just isn't gaining like he should. It's just so bizarre to me because if you saw how much he ate, it would amaze you. Our pediatrician continues to reassure me that there isn't anything wrong. He always says Campbell is just a small baby. He said if there was a problem then he wouldn't be sleeping over 11 hours at night or reaching new milestones. And Campbell does something new every week. Today, he banged some toys together....over and over and over. I know that doesn't sound like much but in baby world, that's a milestone! It's just so overwhelming to take care of a person some days....most days. I love being a Mommy more than anything but I could seriously use a massage because my shoulders are insanely tense right now.
We're going back on October 30 to check Campbells weight and I'm really counting on some good weight gain. I think he will pack on some pounds since he's started eating actual, real food. I mean, my goodness, the kid will literally eat anything. He loves it all! Which is so awesome and I hope it continues. The only thing Campbell doesn't like is water. He makes the most horrible face when I try to get him to drink some. Other than that, throw whatever you please on his tray and he'll grab it with a fist and shove in in his mouth. Cracks me up. And stresses me out. Because the mess.....oh my the mess.
This Mom stuff. It's a tough business.
But it sure is worth it.


  1. I am so sorry that you're feeling so much pressure right now. We, as mommies all feel the same way. So much to do, so much in our hands. These little ones rely so heavily on us. But you can do it. I had some thoughts on your weight gain issue... Looking at the picture of Campbell and the food. Nothing is pureed. He's only 6 months old, right? At this stage in the game, everything, should still be pureed except for things that are easily dissolved like crackers or cheerios. Here's a link to what is recommended you should be feeding your baby between the ages of 6-8 months:
    Is he able to keep that food down?

    1. Hi Maggie! Thanks so much for reading! As a fellow Mom, I know you always do what you feel is best for your sweet babies. I do the same! :)