Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sisters, Friends, Food

Last week my friend (and Kappa big sis), Hannah, visited NWA with her 4 month old baby boy, Finn. Hannah moved to Salt Lake City a few years ago and I haven't seen her in way too long. It was also nice because we were both in the exact same boat with our babies. We worried that the boys would fuss while we were eating out. We were both on a time crunch before nap time arrived. We toted the exact same diaper bag (hers is black, mine is navy), helped each other with strollers and took the boys for walks together in the evening (aka fussy time). It was so fun getting to spend time with Hannah and Finn and I wish so bad they lived in NWA so that we could hang together more often! We shopped, ate lunch, hung around my house and also visited the Kappa house together. I also may have found myself a babysitter while we were there so Woo Hoo to that. We saw cute little Kappa's everywhere we turned (duh, they live there) and finally one girl said, "I have seen so many babies here today what's going on?" I jokingly replied "we're recruiting babysitters." But she was all about it. We're Facebook friends now and I totally intend on texting her to see if she wants to come keep Campbell for me. Hashtag babysitter, Hashtag sisterhood.

One of the zillion reasons having a baby can be hard is because you just never know how they'll behave. 90% of the time Campbell is great. But sometimes, he'll freak out for no reason. And there's no calming him down. For example, Jaclyn and I had lunch at McAlisters yesterday. Scott can usually watch Campbell for me but this time he couldn't so I brought him along. I wasn't concerned at all. He had just woken up from a nap and I knew he'd be in a good mood as long as I gave him tiny bites of my meal (kid loves to eat). Except I was totally wrong because 3 bites into my lunch Campbell started screaming. Like, every head in McAlisters turned to look. Mortifying. Jaclyn was cracking up as I'm bouncing Campbell and trying to shove guacamole in his mouth. We decided to pick up our plates and head outside to eat on the patio to see if that would help. It didn't. So we both stood up, shoved some salad in our mouths, then hopped in the car together to escape the embarrassment that was my screaming child. Campbell fell asleep almost instantly so Jaclyn and I finished our lunch date driving all around town. It's not the first time Jaclyn, Campbell and I have had car lunch dates. And that, folks, is what you call a true friend. And when Jaclyn says she totally doesn't mind spending her lunch hour in the car, driving round and round, listening to Mickey on the iPad in the background, I believe her.
Just this week I've started giving Campbell more whole foods (cut up really small) instead of all pureed food. I think his face pretty much sums up how he feels about it. I'll never for the life of me understand why he's so tiny when he eats so much.


  1. I told you the active Kappas were the way to go for babysitters! :)

    1. Yes!! I mentioned you when I was in the house and told them you gave me the idea. I only chatted with the girl for a few minutes but she seemed so sweet and fun! I hope it works out.