Monday, November 17, 2014


Happy Monday folks! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was great actually!! On Saturday night I got together with some of my girlfriends for a birthday celebration. My friend and neighbor, Lexie, turned 25 and a bunch of us Hyde Park girls got together for food, fun and football. We decided to do a Mexican theme for the 5 of us so we catered On The Border and it was soooo yummy. We also had a delicious cake from Ricks and cheered on the Razorbacks (in our sweatpants) from the warmth and comfort of home. I'm so excited we beat LSU. If you could only beat one team a year, they're the ones I want to beat. I had a feeling we were going to pull out a win but I didn't dare say it for fear I would jinx us.
On Sunday we went to church, as usual, and when I went to pick up Campbell from the nursery he was usual. What am I going to do about this y'all? They always say he doesn't start crying until the last 15 minutes or so but he is always so upset when I get there. Yesterday he had huge tears in his eyes (Campbell never cries tears) and he couldn't catch his breath. Not to mention the extremely loud screaming that you could hear the second you entered the nursery wing--which I recognized to be my child instantly. I feel so terrible for him but I don't know what to do. The head of the children's department said he would get used to it. But how is he supposed to do that when we only go once a week? He's too little to understand. Campbell is great with other people if Scott and I are there with him. And he's great if my Mom is watching him. Anyone else is a no-go. If anyone has advice for me I would gladly take it! I want to be able to go to church but I can't handle Campbell getting so upset even if it only happens the last few minutes.
In other Campbell news, last week he started standing while holding onto something. What?!? He can't pull himself up but if I stand him up by something he'll just hang out for a long time. It's so crazy to me to see my baby standing up!!
These three are so funny. They are buds. Ivy and Madison are soooooo sweeeeeet to Campbell. It seriously melts my heart. Campbell's greatest entertainment comes out of watching Ivy and Madison play. I love it so much.

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