Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mommy Series | Survival List

There's no denying that babies require a lot of stuff. Sure, I guess we could technically make do without it. I mean....they managed back in the bible days with a little hay and some blankets. However, we've come a long way since then (thank goodness) and there are so many wonderful baby items out there that help make our lives easier. These key items saved my life. I don't know how I could have survived without them!!

1.) Rock N Play. Best baby item that exists in my opinion.
2.) This Eddie Bauer diaper organizer. It was so super handy those first 6 weeks.
3.) Bouncer. We used it alllll the time.
4.) Gripe Water, Gas Drops and Gerber Soothe. Gripe water instantly cures hiccups--it's actually quite amazing. I'm not sure if gas drops really do much but Campbell still loves them. They must taste good. Gerber Soothe. A probiotic that supposedly helps colic. I actually think that it really did help with Campbell's colic. It's the size of your pinkie fingernail and costs $30 but when you have a baby with colic, you'll try anything. Walgreens is the only place I've known to carry it.
5.) This Woombie swaddle is essential the first 2 months or so. It's easily zips up, keeps them nice and tight, and you can see their little stomach moving when they breath which is wonderful when you're a paranoid Momma like myself and wake up 7 times in the middle of the night to make sure they're okay. Once they get a little older, I recommend the Aden +Anais Easy Swaddles.
6.) Babywise. By 13 weeks Campbell was sleeping 10:00-7:00. A few short weeks later he was going 7:30-7:00. Life. Changing.
7.) Activity Mat. Campbell loved playing on it.
8.) White noise maker. The doorbell, Ivy and Madison barking, the alarm....they never wake Campbell up.
9.) Stacking rings. Campbell's favorite toy!
10.) Once they graduate from being swaddled, I recommend using the sleeping bags. Campbell will wear his sleep sack for a long time. I LOVE them and it makes me feel good to know he has a "blanket" over him. I prefer the Aden + Anais Cozy Sleeping Bags because they're thicker. He's almost outgrown his size small and it's time to move to a medium. I'm going to try the Cozy Plus for some extra warmth now that it's winter.
11.) Boon Flair high chair. It's so easy to clean which is nice since meal times are an absolute mess. Gives me anxiety just thinking about it.
12.) Now that Campbell takes baths like a big boy and sits in the tub, this little ducky has been wonderful. The first few times Campbell took his baths like a big boy I just sat him in the tub and it stressed me out soooooo bad. I quickly went to Target to pick this up and it's awesome. Campbell loves playing in it and it feels much, much safer than just plopping him in the tub.

So there are a few of my essentials. What were some of yours? Anything that you literally couldn't have gotten by without? I'd love to hear! Especially if it's something Campbell may need in the upcoming months.

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