Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Scott and I attend a Halloween party every year and it's always so fun! Our friends/neighbors throw it and I always look forward to going. Picking out a costume never fails to be the most daunting task and every single year we always wait until the very last minute to make a decision. And by we, I mean Scott. And by last minute I literally mean last minute. This year, we went Roman. Mostly because it was one of the few choices left at the costume store. I thought we pulled it together pretty well considering we bought our costumes at 6:30 and went to the party 2 hours later.
The Spurlocks pulled off another awesome Spurlock Spooktacular. They go all out with awesome Halloween decorations and a band. It's so fun and the band was really, really good.
Mom and Grammy watched Campbell for us so we could go out and have fun. We never, ever go anywhere anymore so it was fun getting to hang out with friends. We stayed out way too late and the whole time I was thinking to myself I needed to leave but I was having so much fun so I just kept staying. I was delightfully surprised the next morning when I woke up around 8:30 and saw that the monitor that's typically on my nightstand was missing. My Mom got up with Campbell at 7:00 so I could sleep in and it was like, the nicest thing ever!!
Another fun Spooktacular in the books! Already looking forward to next years.

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