Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's New | cold weather + lbs

Hey all! I feel like we haven't simply talked in a while. What's going on in our world? Hmm.....let's see....
It is COLD in Northwest Arkansas. We're all about sweaters, beanies, fireplaces, scarves, comfort food and enjoying the beautiful autumn trees while they last. The leaves are beginning to fall and it makes me sad. My only complaint about fall weather is that it doesn't last long enough! There's a road I drive down every day and it is lined with the most beautiful red maples that seem to go on for days. I look forward to those trees turning red every year because it's seriously so gorgeous.
All is good with our little peanut! We've been going to the doctor every few weeks to check his weight and when we went last Thursday, he had gained almost a whole pound in just 3 weeks! We're going back next Thursday to weigh him and if he's gained again I think we'll be done with all of this weight checking business. I was SO STRESSED about it all for a little while there. A few nurses tried to make me believe there was something wrong with my milk which was really upsetting to me. I made multiple visits to lactation consultants and they put me on Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle (18 pills a day!!!) and had me pumping 7 times a day in addition to the 5 times that I'm already nursing. It was quite miserable. Deep down inside I knew there was nothing wrong with anything. So after about a week I stopped all of that nonsense and went with what my gut was telling me. Campbell takes what he needs/wants. It's actually quite simple. No sense in trying to complicate it and add extra stress to my life that I really don't care to have. Now that Campbell is eating soft finger foods, it has to be helping him pack on the weight. Plus, his reflux is soooo much better than it used to be. I mean, if I spit up over half of my meal every time I ate I'd be skinny too. I think we're about to see a big growth spurt in our little peanut. Here's hoping anyway!
I've recently come up with a wonderful baby proofing method for Campbell. Dog bed. I throw a blanket over Ivy and Madison's bed and stick Campbell in it with some toys. Ha! I totally understand if you think that is extra strange but it's been quite nice actually. The girls, on the other hand, don't really appreciate it.
Speaking of the girls, they are very excited that it's sweater weather again. They love their sweaters!!! They look super cute in them too. Wouldn't you agree? :)

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