Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Recap

I thought I would do a little Christmas wrap up for you all! Our Christmases (we had many celebrations between mine and Scott's family) were great! I cooked Christmas Eve Eve dinner for Scott's Dad's side. Our meal was quite delicious if I do say so myself!
The next morning Scott's mom came over for Christmas Eve brunch. It was delicious as well and Campbell got so many fun goodies and toys from his Grandma Jo Jo.
We left our house around noon and headed down to Little Rock. Right when we pulled into town we drove to the hospital to meet our sweet niece and Campbell's newest cousin! We ended up staying at the hospital pretty late (well...9:00 which is late for Campbell!) then we came home, put Campbell in his Christmas pj's and laid him in bed. Scott spend the rest of the evening building Campbell's car! The first of many Christmas Eve's that Scott will spend building stuff I'm sure.
The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast, Campbell played in his car, the girls tore into their presents, we hung out in our pj's and enjoyed one another's company.
I just love these Christmas pajamas of Campbell's! I think they're so adorable. He wore a different pair of pajamas to bed on Christmas night. They belonged to Landon when he was Campbell's age and they are so cute! Campbell wore them all December long and I am kicking myself because I never got a picture of him in them. We may have to put Campbell in them one more time so we can get a photo. I think it's so special that he and Landon both wore them on their first Christmas!
That's a wrap! Great Christmas. Probably my favorite to date!!

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