Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Who else leaves their Christmas cards up way, way past Christmas?
I just can't ever bring myself to take them down. I love that my refrigerator is decorated with some of my most favorite people and their cute families. I usually leave my Christmas cards up until February before I reluctantly take them down.
These two. I totally adore them. Don't you just want to squeeze them and kiss them all over?! Madison would love it if you came over and did that to her. Ivy would not.
Campbell is cutting his first tooth and it's made him the most irritable little nine month old on the planet. I thought I was going to go insane today. When Scott was done with work, I snuck away and hid in my closet.....with my fingers in my ears. I literally could not take the crying for another second. You know what I just keep thinking? We have a whole mouthful left to go!!!!! I may not survive this.


  1. Some teeth come in easier than others. They won't all be horrible. Molars for Mason have been a 3 month on and off mess, but some I would look in his mouth and think when did that come in.

    1. Oh I hope so. This one has been horrible!!! And I can't believe my baby has a tooth now. Bittersweet.

  2. I'm leaving my Christmas cards up for awhile...some of say Happy New Year too and that JUST happened, so I think it's okay :)