Monday, January 19, 2015


We had a lazy, non eventful weekend. It was awesome. I was actually bored. I can't remember the last time that happened. I don't usually have time to be bored these days but on Sunday night I had nothing to do and ended up taking 2 baths within 4 hours just to pass the time. The rest of my weekend consisted of church, shopping, a lot of eating out and a little bit of home decorating.
This little guy is doing better now and seems to be in a much better mood. One of my best and longest friends, Ashley, is a pediatric dentist. She lives in my neighborhood now (who of my friends don't?) and she popped by on Friday to take a look at Campbell's mouth. She said he has a second tooth that will probably break through this week. Maybe that's the reason for the non stop crying all last week? Who knows. Two teeth within two weeks has about done me in. Ashley said I'll probably get a break for a month before the top ones start to come in. That is if Campbell's teeth play by the rules and do what's "normal." You always hear that teething is a nightmare and that is no joke. Good grief.
Okay, onto happier things....
Doesn't Campbell look like such a big boy in this picture?!? I was going through all of the photos and videos on my phone from the beginning of his life to now and I just couldn't believe how big he's gotten in just a few months. Babies grow and change SO much during their first year. It's quite amazing. Less than 10 months ago he wasn't even born and now he looks like this! Crazy.

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