Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bedroom Makeover

My bedroom recently got a makeover and I love how it turned out! This has been a room in our house that we've never quite finished and it feels so good to finally have it completed after almost 3 years of living here. We've always had our nightstands and curtains but everything else is new. The rug used to be in our living room but we put it in here instead and I love having it in our room.
Everything new is from Bassett. I love all of their stuff and we've really enjoyed working with the decorators. They've come to our house a few times and I've pretty much let them take over and it's been awesome. I love decorating but sometimes it's nice to just hand it over and not mess with it.
The girls love having a bench in "their" room now. I think they approve of the new look!
I'm so glad to have this room complete and I'm really pleased with the way it pulled together! I've always loved the space and layout but now I love it even more. It would be nice to have a beautiful light fixture but Scott and I run that fan even when there's snow on the ground!!! Gotta have a fan....


  1. I love this so much!!! Bassett, huh?? I'll have to remember that when my decorating time comes! (Or you could come do it for me.... Decorate and organize.... You know you wanna!! ;) )

    1. Definitely check out Bassett! They have great stuff.
      And yeah, I mean, I would totally come organize for you ;)