Monday, February 16, 2015

First Snow of the Season

We woke up to a winter wonderland today! I was really hoping to get some snow this year because I think you should always get to enjoy at least one snow every year, right? Normally I stay holed up for one or two days then brave the roads and get out because I'm going stir crazy. However, now that I have Campbell I won't be getting out unless the roads are completely clear and safe. I'm sure my cabin fever will hit a high around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. Oh well. I'm going to stay warm and cozy inside with my peanut and nuggets and make the best of it!!
Since it's Campbell's first time to see snow we had to get out in our backyard and take some pictures of him in it. I love, love them. Like, I wanted to post a million of them on social media today but I refrained. Thankfully I have a blog so I can share them here!

Of course I can't leave my girls out! While Campbell took his afternoon nap I bundled Madison and Ivy up and let them play in the snow too. They love it so much. LOVE IT!
Doesn't the photo above just make you smile?! Looks like they're having a pretty good time huh? Love my girls!


  1. That last photo of your fubabies is SO precious!!! I love it!!

    1. Thanks, I love it too!! They have an absolute blast playing in the snow!

    2. I can tell! I think you should frame it and hang it up! Such sweeties.