Thursday, February 12, 2015

Packed Lunch

Hey all! How's your Thursday treating you? Mine has been crazy busy. Campbell had Mothers Day Out today and I spent that time running around like a crazy person trying to get all sorts of things accomplished. I managed to check everything off my list except a trip to the grocery store. Scott just asked me if I still planned on going and I said no. Then he asked what we were going to eat for dinner and I just shrugged my shoulders and said....nothing. Ha. I hate going to the grocery store. I would rather just not eat.
Apparently we're going to be getting a lot of snow in this area early next week. That's just fine as long as I'm only trapped indoors for one day, two at the max. I get some serious cabin fever when I'm held captive by snow.
This morning my alarm clock (also known as Campbell) didn't go off until 7:45. I love when that happens except we had to be at MDO at 9:00 so it was a crazy morning trying to get out of the door. I didn't have a lot of time to get a great lunch packed for Campbell. I cut up some cheese, threw in some crunchies and applesauce, diced kiwi and blueberries and called it good. Last night I was on Pinterest searching for lunch ideas for Campbell but there wasn't much out there. Anyone have good ideas for packed finger foods for babies/toddlers? I try to do foods that make as little of a mess as possible so the ladies at MDO don't have to clean up very much. I love giving Campbell elbows pasta because it's so easy and doesn't make a mess. I always throw in some type of veggie with it and Campbell loves it. I want more meals like that. If you have any ideas please send them my way! If you're looking for ideas yourself, I found this link on Pinterest a couple of months back and I think it has great food ideas! We do basically all of these foods and I refer back to this link frequently to refresh my memory.

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