Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stomach It

Well we all got struck with a terrible stomach virus over the weekend but thankfully we're all recovered and feeling just fine now.
I wasn't feeling great Sunday afternoon so I decided to lay down and take a nap while Campbell took his afternoon nap. I woke up to Scott yelling for help so I got out of bed and Scott was heading towards me with Campbell who had vomit all over him. I immediately grabbed him and set him in the kitchen sink to strip his clothes off. Then I sat Campbell on the floor and ran to the bathroom to do the same thing Campbell did. That was the beginning of about 10 horrible hours of me doing that over and over. OMG it was awful. I just laid with my face buried in my bed while I "watched" the Grammy's. The timing of my sickness worked out perfectly if that even makes sense. Campbell went to bed a few hours after it all got started and I wasn't sure how he would do but thankfully he slept all night long. I'm glad I wasn't having to take care of him while I was feeling awful myself. Scott was feeling just fine until around midnight when it struck him. We were a sad little couple all night long. Thankfully I still had some Zofran's from when I was pregnant and once I popped one of those bad boys in, I was healed. They didn't do anything for my "morning sickness" but they saved my life from this stomach virus.
I was a little weak and worn out yesterday and so was Campbell. He slept 13 hours that night then took two, two hour naps. All he wanted was for me to hold him. He was so pitiful but it was so sweet how cuddly he was. I'm grateful Campbell slept so much. I've heard some babies are up all the time when they're sick, and that may be the case for any future sickness we may have, but this time he just slept it off and I'm glad.
Today Campbell is back to his normal self and we got back into our normal routine. We still stayed home all day but had plenty of fun instead of feeling yuck. Campbell handled his first sickness like a champ!
I gave Campbell some cheerios for the first time today and he loved them! I'm tired of buying puffs. They take up so much space in my pantry and we blow through them. A box of cheerios seems way more economical. Once we finish off the last 3 tubes of puffs we have, I'm done. I've always worried about giving him cheerios because of choking (they don't seem to dissolve like puffs do) but I definitely think he's capable of handling them. I'm also working on using up all of this frozen milk I have. I worked so hard for that stuff, I refuse to not use it!!
So glad we're all feeling better and looking forward to getting back into our normal routine tomorrow. The stomach flu is no joke especially when it hits every single member of your family!! It just came on so fast and it's so crazy to me that it literally hit Campbell and I at the exact same time. I've always felt like it was inevitable that Campbell and I would get sick together at some point. Our first time was definitely a memorable one!

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