Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Campbell's First Birthday Party {Part 2}

I had so much fun getting prepared for Campbell's party. I didn't realize how much it wore me out though! I slept until noon on Sunday!!! Who knew a baby's first birthday party could wear you out that much?! It wore Campbell out too. He slept an hour longer than he usually does. We're all recovered now, and have been eating the leftover party food ever since.
I didn't want to deal with cooking any food so we had Campbell's party catered. The food was delicious and I didn't have to mess with hardly anything so that was a bonus. We served everyone lunch since the party was at 12:00. Campbell naps in the afternoon so noon was kind of the only option.
I love the way Campbell's chalkboard poster turned out! I had my Dad's artist do it for me and I think it's so cute!! I had everyone write a little note for Campbell in his "Oh The Places You'll Go" book. I'm sure he'll treasure it forever!
My friend, Kristin, has an Etsy shop and sells the cutest party supplies. She did this dot garland for me (and the glitter 1 in the photo above) and it was so cute!! It added a special little touch to the party. If you're looking for cute party supplies, check out her goods HERE.
"Life is so good right now"
"I wonder if it would be easier if I just picked the whole thing up."
"Mom. You have to try this cake. It's the best thing I've ever eaten."
"After I wake up from my afternoon nap I'm going to feel completely disgusting and have the biggest food coma ever. I won't want to do anything except sit in my Momma's lap for about an hour and a half while I try to recover but it's totally worth it."
I love Campbell's outfit! I've been saving it for him to wear for his birthday since January. He'll probably only get to wear it this one time since the weather is changing and that makes me sad but I'm glad we got some cute pictures of him in it. Later Saturday night I decided to wash it and when I pulled it out of the washer it shrunk to a newborn size. I panicked! I immediately checked the tag and it said 'hand wash only'. I was so mad at myself. I pulled and stretched on it for probably five minutes and I'm happy to report it's gone back to it's normal size!! Whew! Close call. Might be a good idea to read washing instructions from now on.

That's a wrap! My Dad took a ton of pics on his camera that I haven't seen yet. So it's possible I may bombard you with more birthday party pics in the near future. Thanks for letting me go on and on and on about my baby turning one and all of the festivities that surrounded it!

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