Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun With The Fam

Hey all! I'm back from a long weekend in Little Rock. We planned on coming back on Sunday but Northwest Arkansas got hit with a lot of snow so we decided to play it safe and stay off the roads until they were clear. You're a lot more cautious when you have a baby in the car with you! We had a great, low key weekend with my parents. We didn't do much but I did get my iPhone screen fixed thank goodness. I had no idea you could just replace the glass. Good to know! Now I don't have to squint while I try to make out photos on Instagram so life is good again.
On Saturday Mom and I went shopping around Little Rock. I picked up some goodies for Campbell at The Toggery including his Easter outfit. Exciting stuff y'all. We stayed in there for way too long and before I knew it I had to rush home and quickly get dressed for my cousins wedding. I somehow managed to shower, wash and curl my hair and do my makeup in about 30 minutes. I can speed dress faster than any girl I know for realz. We brought Campbell to the wedding with us. Scott kept him out of the ceremony but Campbell partied until 8:00 at the reception! Crazy kid. I'm glad some of my extended family members were able to meet him and Campbell super enjoyed the food....not that anyone is surprised!
The wedding was very beautiful and we had a great time! I always love visiting my parents and we brought Grace back with us so the girls are thrilled about that. We're supposed to get a crazy amount of snow here tonight (say it isn't so!!!) so I'm going to be out and about all day while I have the freedom to do it. Plus I need to run to the grocery store and stock up on important items like brownies and queso.

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  1. Brownies and queso are definitely winter storm essentials. Y'all stay safe!

    I do what I want.